Window Repairs Glanmire

Window Repairs Glanmire

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Window repairs Glanmire

window repairs Glanmire At Window repairs Glanmire in East Cork Ireland

window & door hinges repaced

also replacing window and door handles & locks

Sliding Door Repairs we now stock and supply parts for most aluminium and pvc sliding doors from twin rollers to single roller or if you just need a handle replaced than we should be able to help you. Or if you just need to upgrade your old patio door glass to the new low-e glass with safety glass all can be arranged

These type of doors can sometimes give a lot of trouble in winter time. But it not a big job to sort them out in most cases all that is needed is a few new hinges, or maybe they just need to be adjusted. French door are nice but not if they are letting the cold in during winter.

Casement PVC windows : Check your pvc windows on the hinge side when closed if the window sash is not closed onto the window frame seal. It could mean you need new window hinges.

Its not a big job but it will save you money in heating bills over the winter.

When a car passes your house. If you think your windows are not keeping out the noise like they did before. It could mean you need new window hinges or a new lock.

PVC tilt / turn windows : A great window to have as you can open them in two different direction. But these windows should be maintained and serviced every year, as they have so many different moving parts. if any of these parts stops working 100% it can mean trouble for the whole window. So it is important to keep these style of tilt / turn windows serviced. And if it is a case that you don’t use the windows that much. You might get away with a service every few years, but if you use your windows every day it would be no harm to service them every two year.