Window Repairs Glounthaune

Window Repairs Glounthaune

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Window Repairs Glounthaune
Door & Window Repairs Glounthaune East Cork Ireland

Double Glazing Repairs Glounthaune

Door Locks and Window Locks replaced

All types of Hinges & Handles repaired

Single glazing fixed in rapid time

Sliding door wheels replaced

French Door re-lined & Repaired

Than why not get them serviced it could save you hundreds in energy bills

One of the most common problems with pvc windows as they get old is the window hinge.

Once the hinge starts to wear down it will not pull the window sash tight against the seal when closed.

This will result in a lot of heat loss over the winter months. At first it will not seem like a big deal but as time goes on the hinge that needs to be replaced will get worst and can break completely . Which can result in the window sash falling out. But to replace a set of window hinges is not a big job and can be replace in about 30 minutes or less.

Do you have a problem with you patio door is it hard to slide when you open and close it. Than it sounds like the rollers under the door need to be replaced. Note : this is not a huge job but it is not done there is a danger of the sliding door falling out. Here at HI-Tech Window Repairs we can replace these wheels with the new double roller wheel that will last for many year to come.

PVC Back Doors : A back door is one that can get twice as much use as a front door. So it is only naturally for the hinges and locks to wear down over a shorter time period. Once they do start to give trouble you door can be a nightmare to open and close. But in most case all that is need is a new door hinge or door lock. Which can be replaced quickly and quite easy.

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