Window Repairs Midleton

Window Repairs Midleton

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Window Repairs Midleton

For window repairs Midleton in East Cork Ireland

Hinges & Handles and all styles of Locks

Double Glazing & Single Glazing.

Window not closing properly more than likely all you need is a new pair of hinges and your window will be good as new.

Has your window handle come of in your hand and you now can’t lock the window. No problem we stock window handles to suit nearly every type of pvc window there is.

Are the gaskets / rubber seals after shrinking and are now letting drafts in. Well the good news is it’s not a big job and all these seals can be replaced.

Door Handles loose or are they ready to fall off. We can help all major styles and colour door handles are now in-stock.

Is you door letting in a draft at the hinges side. Maybe all they need is a bit of adjusting which can take only a few minutes but can save you euros in heating bills

Tilt / Turn window repairs Midleton

Tilt / turn windows have a lot of moving parts and these parts can need adjusting after a few years or else your windows could start leaving in a drafts. But don’t worry all these thing can be sorted out in no time at all.

Sliding Sash Window Repairs Midleton

Having trouble with your sliding sash windows it can be one of many things as these windows do have quite a few moving parts and if one of these parts or not adjusted right than the whole window will not work properly. If you are getting these repaired make sure it is by someone who has worked on sliding sash windows before or else you could be worst off than before. But here at HI-Tech window repairs we have the expertise on sliding sash windows dating back for more than ten years. So you can rest assure that your windows are in could hands